Things you should know if you are considering adding a Pekingese to your family:


Do They Shed? Of course they shed!! Hair, Hair Everywhere! Females usually shed twice a year, males shed once a year. If you are a neat freak, don’t purchase a Pekingese.


They Will Be Part Of Your Family? When you are home, your Pekingese will want to be with you, will want to sleep with you if you want them to, but will also be happy to be in their own bed on the floor. They can be left alone without destroying your house. Give them a bed and their toys and they will be happy to wait for you to return.


Are Small Children OK? It is impossible to watch a small child 24/7! We are guarded about recommend Pekingese for families with small children ~ it is too easy for them to grab hair, tail or ears ~ and eventually the dog is going to retaliate. There may be exceptions to this rule, but you need to give it considerable thought.


Do You Have A Fenced Yard? Pekingese love to explore and can’t be trusted to stay by your side when you are outdoors so unless you have a fenced backyard we recommend your Pekingese is never outside by himself. We recommend either always keeping him/her on a harness & leash or in a safe excercise pen (can be purchased at any Petsmart or Petco). Swimming pools and small ponds must be fenced the same as you would for a toddler ~ Pekingese do not swim well. You must be able to keep them safe at all times.


How About Barking? Yes, Pekingese do bark, but only when they have something to bark about! They are not a noisy, yappy breed but will definitely alert their owner if a stranger appears. Once they have made their point they see no reason to further barking. Of course if a Pekingese is left unattended outdoors for long periods of time and becomes bored, they could become problem barkers. Pekingese are an indoor only breed!!


How Much Care Do They Require? In spite of the long coat, a complete monthly grooming ~ brushing, checking ears and toenails ~ will keep you Pekingese quite free of tangles. They may be bathed as often as you want, depending on your own preference. Baby powder or cornstarch used during grooming will keep them quite clean between baths.


This Is A Brachycephalic Breed! Because of the short nose and flat face the Pekingese does not do well in the heat. You must be careful to not let it become overheated. They tolerate cold quite well and love to play outdoors.


Can You Handle All Of This? Congratulations!!! A Pekingese could be in your future. There are many reputable show breeders striving to produce healthy puppies. Please do not purchase animals from a pet store (pet stores purchase all of their puppies from large commercial breeders, better known as “puppy mills”) or back yard breeders (someone not educated about their breed, has one or two breeding “pairs” and raises puppies only for the money) often have a lot of health problems and a shorter life span because of them. Spend as much time as possible researching the breed you are interested in and buy from the best. A puppy will be your family member for 10-13+ years, you want that time to be spent healthy. Good luck.



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